Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Wet Towel

So my dad, aka Pappy, was off of work yesterday and he wanted some Baby O time.  I dropped her off for a few hours so I could go get some stuff done.  When I got back to their house I fed her carrots for lunch and then after wiping off her hands and face I left the wet towel of the high chair tray.  Baby O was not sure what to do with it at first, but after about a minute or two it became this wonderful and interesting new toy.  She started by feeling it.  By then the water on the towel had become a little cold.

And then of course we had to taste it.

Then since we were tasting it why not go ahead and give it a bite.

Well after feeling and tasting and biting, we had to do some major inspecting of this item.

But the towel was wet and it wasn't until quite a few minutes into playing and exploring this new item that Baby O began to wonder - 'Why is my shirt wet?'

Later that night while we were playing she grabbed a towel out of my hand and began doing all the same things again.  This towel was dry though so I'm thinking it may not have been as fun to play with.

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