Friday, April 20, 2012

And so it begins!

Hi! I’m Kelly a semi stay at home mom of a beautiful daughter (Baby O). Through my teaching experiences and my own research, I have realized that the best time to teach children is when they are younger. The younger the better!  Young children are so observant to the world around them.  Everything is new and I love the look of wonder they get.  It seems like Baby O is always discovering something new, even if it is a toy she has played with several times before.  That toy may look different from a new angle or make a sound she didn't know about.  Because I love the look she gets when I just let her explore, I have decided to look into the Montessori method of teaching.  I began researching the Montessori method of teaching and am going to implement so many of its aspects into my daughter's life. Not everyone in my family understands these concepts or thinks they are necessary which is why I am being this blog. I want to share various learning and teaching concepts and ideas that I found to incorporate into her life. I am also planning on including party tips since we have one about every month as well as fun crafts for both you and your children (again most of my family thinks I'm nuts for putting so much thought and effort into such simple things, I love it what can I say). I am trying to supply the best for my family whether that is natural toys, organic and healthy food or just my time and love. So keep in touch and follow me on my journey of creating a healthy, happy and educated family.

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