Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product Review - Mama May i

I have gotten Baby O  some toys, both handmade and store bought, that I feel are top toys.  Since these toys are so awesome I decided to do some product reviews about the toys we have and ones that I am planning for the future.

The first toys come from the Etsy shop Mama May i.  I wanted to fill Baby O's Easter basket with good educational toys that would help her to explore and work on fine motor skills.  I came across this shop on Etsy one day.  After spending at least a week deciding what I might want to get her, I contacted the creator Jessica to inquire about a custom order.  I knew what I wanted, but wanted them in rainbow colors.  The colors would be great to get an early start of the 6 main colors and they would be unisex so if the next baby is a boy he could use them too.  Jessica was very helpful and friendly.  She gave detailed response to me messages and was very honest about any time issues.  I ended up purchasing 4 items from her and could not have been happier.  They arrived very quickly and are well made.

The Tiny Tickler was one of the first items I wanted to get.  Baby O loves to laugh and pretty much anything will make her laugh so this item was a must.  We had her cracking up on Easter in front of everyone just brushing this over parts of her body.  I still use it on her - before and after a bath, diaper changes and anytime she gets dressed.

The Grab it Gadget was the first item I wanted.  I thought it would be a nice toy to have, especially for in the car.  WIth Baby O about to start teething, the think fabric seemed like a nice alternative to chew on.  There is usually only 5 "tabs", but Jessica made one for me with 6 "tabs" - one for each color.  It is so well made and a nice size too.  I absolutely love this toy!

The third item I got was a major custom order.  I always look through people's feedback on Etsy.  This is not only to see what reviews the items I want got, but also to see items that the seller used to have.  I found the Sound Gizmo is the feedback section, it was not even an item for sell in her shop.  Jessica was so awesome and made one for me and again, in my rainbow colors.  Baby O really likes this item, especially the purple and yellow sections.  The purple one makes a rattle sound when hit and the yellow makes a squeak sound like her Sofie (a later review).  This is another great car toy.

The last item I got which was literally the last item I decided to get is the Rainbow Ribbon Lovey.  This item was already in rainbow colors so no custom order needed.  Baby O has been showing a lot of interest in this lately, she really like the Mama May i tag, haha.  The blanket is a really nice size, Baby O is almost 8 months and it can still cover her.  The strip of solid colors is of various textured fabric.  All of the ribbons are different materials as well. 

My experience with Mama May i has been wonderful.  I am planning another order within the next month (another review) and I have gifts picked out for her birthday, Christmas and Easter.  This is a shop worth checking out and the products are well made and a Baby O approved.

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