Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Zoo Trip!!

So yesterday my husband and I took Baby O to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Of course we missed all of the fun Earth Day activities they have going on, but it was still enjoyable.  Th first couple of exhibits did not have animals.  We were starting to think if it was worth coming and Baby O seemed to think we were just on a walk.  Then finally when we got to the African Safari area we found animals.  Baby O stared at the water with all the big orange fish for awhile.  I don't know exactly what it is, but she loves water!  Then we went to show her the elephants.  She watched them for a little, but when we posed her to take a picture she found the fish in the water again.

After the elephants we went to the giraffes.  She loves her Sofie toy so we thought for sure that she would like the giraffes.  It was the same as the elephants, she watched the giraffes for a few until she saw the small waterfall.
 So far it seemed like the water features at the exhibits were a bigger hit.  The Rainforest area came next which mommy and daddy were really excited about.  One of the gorillas had a baby not long ago!
How cute is that baby!!  Baby O liked seeing something smaller.  She actually really seemed to like the gorillas in general.  And guess what, no water features!  That meant the gorillas had her full attention.

Next we were off to the bears, but not without stopping to take a short break.  Baby O sat and drank more juice and ate her puffs and melts while daddy got something to drink.  She was surprised by the big peacock walking around the area.  After our little pit stop we got to the bear area.  It looked like we were not going to see any until we got to the last section.  One huge bear was sleeping, but a not so huge bear came out and walked around for us.  We think he was trying to earn his steak, haha.  Baby O liked to watch the bear and again, no water feature.  Coincidence?  I think not!
Now lets recap.  Elephants and giraffes - check!  Gorillas - check!  Snack time - check!  Bears - check!  What's left?  The PPG Aquarium!  Judging from the way Baby O reacted to the earlier water features and fish we were pretty sure she would like this part.  With the little waterfalls out front we were off to a good start. 

Baby O liked watching the fish swim around and even did a little dance for them.  They weren't too big or scary for her.
Ooops, spoke too soon!  This fish was a little too big and scary for her.
Baby O LOVED the manta rays (I think that is what they were).  They would swim in front of her then go and hide and come back again.  It was her own little game of hide and seek.  She also liked their wiggly bodies.  When she saw them wiggle, she began to wiggle too.  When they went away she stopped and when they came wiggling back she wiggled with them.
Next was an area where you could touch a ray is you wanted.  Daddy didn't let Baby O put her hand in the water because of the germs, but she just looked all around and studied everything.
Baby O also enjoyed all of the plants that were around.  There were bright flowers and huge leafs.  Some leafs were bigger then her and of course she had to feel and study them all.

Lastly, we made it to Kids Kingdom!  Baby O got to look at the sea lions, but about 5 minutes in she was out.  The zoo had worn her out as with pretty much every other baby we saw.
The zoo was a fun experience and I'm pretty sure we will be back for round 2 or 3 or 4.  My future little marine biologist or botanist needs more studying!

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