Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rainbow Mobile

We have an awesome Baby Einstein Activity Jumper for Baby O.  I'm not going to get into all the fun she has with this during this post, maybe another one though.  Anyway, there is a hook on the ceiling above where her jumper is at.  We don't use this hook for anything, but the previous owner hung a plant or something there.  Every once in awhile when we have a holiday party I will hang some kind of decoration from the hook there.  Baby O love when I do this and just stares up at it while in her jumper.  This gave me an idea - what if I make something to hang there for everyday.  During my Etsy time I found some cute handmade mobiles.  They gave me the idea for what I wanted to do, something simple yet colorful.  Yesterday I got out my circle paper punch, cardstock, scissors, glue, thin string and a crochet ring then got to work.
I started by punching out 12 circles of each color, one for the front and one for the back.  Then I cut six pieces of string probably about 2-2.5 feet long.  I took the crochet ring (which was my great grandmothers) and tied the string on.  One end of the string was left to be about 1 - 1.5 feet long and the other end was about 6-8 inches.  I then started on one piece of string and began attaching the circles.  I would coat on circle with glue, lay the string over then add the other circle on top and press hard.  I began with red and continued through the rainbow till purple (which looks light blue in the picture).  I spaced each circle about an inch apart.
Once I was all finished attaching the circles it was time to gather the strings at the top.  I took all the shorter ends of string together and held the mobile up.  When it hung evenly, I tied all the stings together.  Then I slide a metal hook for a bracelet on and tied the strings again, twice.  All that was left was for me to hang it on the hook.
I am really happy with how the mobile turned out.  It may not match the colors of the room or anything, but it is all about Baby O now.  I may actually make something like this for her room, but in shades of pink.  That may not be for awhile, but for now Baby O seems to be enjoying her new mobile!

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