Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby O Gets a Ball Pit!

Baby O is going to be 8 months soon (I can't believe it!).  She is at the stage where she wants to touch everything and move around or in her case roll around.  We wanted to get her something that she could play with that is much different than anything she has now.  Something that can be used outside on a nice day, but inside when it is not so nice out.  Something that doesn't cost a ton of money.  After thinking a little and doing a little research we decided on a ball pit.  We already had a very small blow up pool that we got for the warm summer weather.  We decided to make the pool do double duty since it isn't going to be pool time, or for a 8-9 months old splash in about an inch of water time, for a little while now.  We went to Target this past Friday and bought a bag of ball pit balls for under $15.  So round up a bit and say $15, plus the $5 for the pool and Baby O has her own ball pit for about $20.

 Saturday afternoon we blew the pool up and added the balls while Baby O was napping.  I like this pool because if she starts to fall over the pool sides act like bumpers.

Now all that was left was to add Baby O.  She wasn't sure at first, but after a minute or two she began grabbing the balls, inspecting them and the different colors, and moving her feet around to see how they felt in the balls.

I would say that Baby O's ball pit is a success.  I'm sure that as time goes on she will learn to like it more and more.  It will be nice when we can start to mix items in with the balls for her to look for and play with.  The ball pit is almost like a giant sensory bin!

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