Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long Time, No See

Ok so I took a decent size break from being on here.  The last time I posted was the beginning of May and so much has happened since then. Let's see . . .
- My first Mother's Day!  We had our families over for a brunch and celebrated our first Mother's Day as Mothers, Grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  Baby O and I had made cards and magnets for all of the moms. 
This is the magnet we made for all the moms.  Everyone had different colors, but all still the same general concept.  The flower was made using Baby O's thumbprints.  Granted it took a lot of help from me and a bit of time, but they turned out so cute!
This is the card we made for all the moms.  She actually sat pretty still for the picture which was a surprise, but the handprints were a little tough.  They might not have turned out perfect, but that is the best part about handmade gifts from children.
- Baby O says dada for the first time!  She had not stopped with the dada since then.
- Baby O begins to crawl!  It started off as kind of a scoot using her face, but quickly picked up into a full out crawl.
- My husband's first Father's Day!  We again had our families over for a brunch.  There were no special little gifts for the dads since /i could not find anything that a very young child could do for a dad.  We did still make cards for all the dads. 
This is the card we made for the dads.  I knew I wanted to do something with her handprint, but trying to think of something for dads was a little harder.  I think they turned out pretty well.  Again, they were not perfect, but that is what makes them special. 
- Our longest time apart!  My husband's work does a trip every year for the top employees.  This year it was in San Diego, but we did not bring Baby O with us since most things were adults only.  It might have only been 5 days, but it was the longest 5 days of our lives.  She stayed with Grammy, Pappy and Aunt Boo both at our house and theirs.  She had a great time while we were gone and even learned some new tricks to surprise us with.
- Baby O's first 4th of July!  She had mixed feelings about everything.  I would say that the bright lights were good, but the loud noise was bad.  As we expected she did not make it to see the real fireworks, but at least she slept like a baby (no pun intended) through the whole thing.
- Baby O gets her first teeth!  They took their time, but the first one has finally popped through.  We are up to 5 teeth now!
- Baby O starts standing, but only while holding on it things.  You have to start somewhere right.
- Baby O started taking a few steps, but only if holding a non moving object like the couch.
- More teeth came in!
- Baby O said mama!  We have heard mamamamamamama before, but this was the first real mama.  I asked her who she wanted to give her a bath thinking she would say dada since that was all she said through dinner.  To my surprise her answer was mama.  We were so shocked!  Not the way I thought she would say it, but I'll take it.

- Baby O turned 1!!  I had the best party planned.  Everything was set up outside and what does it do right before people arrive?  RAIN!!  My sister, husband and I grab everything out of the rain.  After the rain and my tears have stopped we dry everything off and set it back up.  Everyone arrives and we are outside for about an hour before what happens, RAIN . . . AGAIN!  We just have the rest of the party inside and everything worked out fine.  Lesson learned though - always have a backup plan ready to go.
Baby O LOVED the balloons!
Baby O unwrapping her presents. 
 Baby O smashing up her cupcake.

 - Baby O had her first professional photo shoot.  Dawn Biery Photography is wonderful! 
- Baby O began walking while holding onto a moving object like her stroller!  We tried and tried then out of nowhere one evening she just grabbed the handle and went.
- Well we are only half way through October which I am sure will container somemore fun Baby O things.

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