Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And the " Playroom" Begins - Before Pictures and Plans

Baby O, I know she is 13.5 months and becoming a non-baby, but for now she is still my baby.  Anyway, Baby O is growing so fast and accumulating toys just as fast.  It is the two of those things together that means it is time to begin creating her "playroom".  Our downstairs/game room started off as my husband's man cave, but add in workout pieces, cat litter and loads of laundry and now it's not so much of a man cave.  He is very big with electronics and wanted a projector so I still let it be his area.  We have a huge screen taking up about half of our second longest wall and he loves it.  Since the downstairs being perfect for his theater room was a big part of why we bought the house I promised that when it came time to make Baby O a playroom that I would not take his theater completely away.  That is why we are referring to it as her "playroom" and not her playroom. 

I have already started moving some things around so the before picture are more like after before pictures or the before pictures take 2.  Either way, they are still before pictures and I promise the rest of the house is not this unorganized.  Now most of the decor that we had down there was red and black so as to not have to redo everything we are picking colors that incorporate red with black as accents in the furniture and frames.

This is the entrance to the downstairs.  That cabinet has movies, video games and all things my husband.  This area will probably stay the same with minor changes if anything.

I know the pictures are a little fuzzy, but I was rushing.  That is also baby O in the first picture supporting her aunt in her Syracuse shirt.  This is the largest wall in our downstairs, but unfortunately the couch has to stay where it is at for safety reasons - to cover all the wires from the projector.  Since the couch cannot be moved the only changes will be new pillows and maybe the blanket basket being moved to a closet.  The couch was recently moved there, before it was parallel to the projector facing the screen.  There is a chaise chair that you will see in another picture that was where the couch is now.  The second picture is the second half of that long wall.  As you can see there are toys just tossed on the floor and that is only a fraction of Baby O's toys.  For that second section of  I want to get large cube shelves that would hold bigger toys such as the foam blocks I want to get her for Christmas.  I also might get some super large totes/baskets for things such as dress up clothes that she will have in the future.  Yes, I know I am thinking about say 2 years down the line, but it is just like gardening - plan for the future.  Oh and of course we are getting new and matching window treatments.  Finally!!

This picture is of the opposite wall from the last pictures.  That is the chaise chair I mention before that was where the couch is now.  Well, I hate the couch, but I really hate that chair!  Good news for me - we are getting rid of the chair.  You may not be able to see it in the picture, but the chair has seen better days.  For this area I want to get a cube shelf bookshelf, it is one that has nine cubes.  I think that will provide nice storage for little items like play food and small wooden blocks.  I also was to put a little chair that received from a friend in the corner to create a reading nook.  I also want to add simple shelves to the lower wall to hold books. 
This is the wall opposite the wall from the first picture.  That is half of the screen, but the area with the dresser is where I want to focus.  I am hoping to move the dresser to the next area I will show.  If I am able to do that then the area where the dresser is will become Baby O's art area.  I am also planning on repositioning the elliptical, but it is going to have to stay in that general area.  Behind those double door to the left is the laundry room in case you were wondering.
Ok this picture is super blurry, but it was the only one I took so I am stuck using it.  Not much about this area, but that is where I am hoping to move the dresser.  That is the cat litter in there, but that will be moving to the laundry room.
I hae ideas for the walls - large letters spelling out words relating to the area (read, create), pictures of Baby O, framed book dust jackets and places to hang art created by Baby O.  I also want to get an area rug, a chidrens table and a play kitchen, but for now lets focus on the main basics.  Check back to see "Playroom" Renovation: Part 1.

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