Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing Colors to Young Toddlers

Well "Baby" O is a litle over a year now and even more interested in everything than before.  I know that she is young, but I want to begin working on colors with her.  I think that I am going to spend about a week or two on each color.  I'm not going to do any crazy colors right now like turquoise or magenta, but instead start with the basic red, blue, yellow and more on to still basic colors from there.

 Choosing the colors was the easy part, but deciding what activities is a little bit harder.  Some of the simpler activities that I am thinking about doing are:
- jello jigglers in the color we are talking about
- wearing a piece of clothing in the color
- playing with that color Playdough
- playing 'hide & seek' with some beanbags of the color
- sorting items of that color such as our ball pit balls 
I am going to try being ambitious with some activities.  I know that they might not work or may need a lot of assistance from me, but we are going to give it a try.  These possibly harder activities are:
 - ripping paper of the color
- putting stickers of the color onto paper ("Baby" O loves stickers)
- finger painting
- decorating colored paper shirts
- something with pom-poms
- something with paint swatches
I know some or all of these items may not work, but we can at least try.  When the time comes for me to begin my color weeks I will post about all of the exact individual that we try.  I am going to continue looking for new activities and ideas are always welcomed.

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