Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Week Long Halloween

I know, this is a little late, but better late than never.

With the weather during the week, Halloween was broken up into multiple days and events.  I0t was nice to be able to make the holiday last more than just a couple hours.  There were three different events that made up "Baby" O's second Halloween.  Of course there were more events that we could have participate in, but the weather just made us want to stay home in our pajamas.

The first event that we did was the Halloween storytime at Barnes & Noble.  We were unable to go to the one that they had on Thursday, but luckily they were having a repeat on that Saturday.  It was such a nice event.  First was the actual storytime. The story this week was ' My Monster's Monster'. "Baby" O sat pretty nice and somewhat paid attention to the story. To make the story even better, everyone was given a monster mask to go along with the story. After the story the children were given a snack and various pages to color. The coloring might have only lasted about 30 seconds, but she did color.  A plus to going to storytime that we had no idea about was that the outdoor shopping mall where B&N is located was having Trick or Treating.  We only went to a few stores, but "Baby" O got a couple pieces of candy and a balloon.

On Halloween Day we just stayed at home since Trick or Treating was rescheduled.  I wanted to still do some fun Halloween related activities.  Of course we read a few Halloween books as we had been the whole month.  I picked up a Halloween cupcake from the bakery.  I wanted some other cupcakes before this one, but black and dark purple icing just screamed stain so we went with this ghost one.  It is always fun to watch "Baby"  O react to and eat a cupcake.  She didn't realize right away that the ghost was a ring and she was trying to eat it.

After "Baby" O ate her cupcake it was time to explore the inside of a pumpkin.  At first she was unsure of what was going on, but once the top was opened the fun began.  She kept trying to eat the pumpkin goo only to realize that it wasn't a good idea.  The fun part though was playing in th pumpkin goo.  I gave her some spoons to use and she just went to town.  We did not carve the pumpkin, but I just wanted her to get to have the pumpkin goo experience. 
Finally it was Trick or Treating time.  We went to my parent's house for the evening to have dinner and so that they could see "Baby" O in her costume.  Our pretty fairy costume turned out better than I expected.  We had the tutu from her one year pictures and wanted to use it again which is where the fairy idea cam from.  We had the pink tight, body suit, diaper cover and headband so we got a pair of wings from the Target dollar bin and costume complete.  It was a little chilly that night so we only went up and down the block to visit friends.  For the rest of the evening "baby" O helped her Aunt (where she gets the blonde hair from) pass out candy while enjoying some herself as well.
 Are Halloween this wear was a little crazy anddrawn out, but it turned out to be a very fun week.  Now one to Thanksgiving!

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